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Hey, friends.
I'm Bayla.

I'm the life coach for multi-talented women who are tired of deferring their dreams and are ready to step into their future.

I help multi-talented women revive their most impossible dreams & step into their life's mission.

My journey's been characterized by making dreams come true and overcoming limitations.

It started with a lot of questions...

I remember as a teenager asking my parents what they thought we did when we went to Heaven. They started to talk about getting to be with people you love and feeling peaceful. I responded, "Well, I think you get to learn all day. Almost like school. Just learning and growing." That was my idea of "Heaven." And, that's been my motto all my life: keep learning, keep growing, keep actualizing my dreams.

I spent my teenage years and early twenties searching for my purpose. I knew I was created for something, but what? I studied all the major world religions and philosophies, and ultimately found my way back to the religion I was born into, only much more spiritually connected, religiously observant (which included a major lifestyle change, although not the last), and philosophically inclined. It was then that I started to explore and actualize my dreams.

I've always been a searcher and a seeker...

My Story

Actualizing dreams...

I crossed the first two items off my bucket list in the same year--study biblical Hebrew and philosophy abroad and swim with the dolphins. Then, I got married and started my family. I became a Mama, my childhood dream. All along, I'd been learning psychology and personal development.

I'd made a conscious decision to live up to my potential in all areas of my life--as a person, as a mother, in my career. I started eating healthy and lost 50 lbs. of "baby" weight. I started parenting consciously using positive parenting techniques. I organized my house from top to bottom. I started pursuing my callings in the arts--jewelry design, painting, photography, singing. All the while, I was working as a professor of literature and writing. Shortly after, I became certified as a life coach from the top life coach school in the world.

Let's go from where you are to where you long to be.

I've learned how to live into the mission that I created for my life. I believe life is about staying in tune with who you want to be in the world and how you want to show up (the focus here is on the being not the doing) AND following all your callings and passions to live your most fulfilled life and to live into your multiple potentials. I believe we each have the time, money, energy, and confidence to do it ALL, as long as we know how to create our results with our mind--that's where I come in. I give you the KEY to your mission, your callings, and actualizing your dreams. FOREVER.

Stop searching for yourself. Start creating yourself.

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My Timeline

where I've been


On a spiritual search for my purpose


Crossing off the top 2 items on my bucket list: study abroad + swim with dolphins 


Came back to US. Got married + started our family


I landed my *first* dream career as a professor of literature + creative writing


Certified as a life coach by Daniel Schonbuch, Author of Think Good and It Will Be Good


Landmark Education opened my eyes to the power of our thoughts to create reality


Certified by the top life coach school in the world: LCS


I get to coach women all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR CALLING. 


You'll learn about the process of "becoming" in motherhood and how to feel like yourself again. Let's make this HAPPEN.

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