Coach Bayla

Mama on a mission

Hey, friends.
I'm Bayla.

I'm the Identity coach for moms and matrescence educator. I support moms  through the process of "becoming" in motherhood.

I help mom rediscover herself so she can have more time and energy to be the type of mom and woman she really wants to be.

My journey's been characterized by a ton of ups and downs until I figured it out.

So, I started off with a bang and then...

I've been a high-achiever my entire life from graduating high school at 16 to teaching in college by the age of 23. Just before I got married, the school I was working for credited me with saving their institution. And then...

I got married and became a Mommy 9.5 months later. I always wanted to be a Mommy. I'd been praying for that day for years. And I was happy.

But there was also something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on. One day, I confided in my husband, "I love you and our baby so much. I love our community and where we live. I love teaching. But I can't help but feeling like something's off."

I was blessed to have my childhood dream come true.

My Story

That's when I realized that I had given up everything that I'd enjoyed.

I had stopped writing poetry. I stopped painting and being creative. I stopped swimming. I stopped learning new things. And in the process, I was slowly squashing myself. In an effort to be the best wife and mother possible and figure out how to balance it all, I'd squelched all the little things that made me happy.

It wasn't a conscious decision, I was just completely overwhelmed. I didn't yet have all the tools I needed to manage, even though well-meaning friends and family members tried to prepare me for motherhood. I didn't know anything about matrescence and this process that literally changes our brain on a physical level.

And then I became a Mommy again less than 2 years later. 

And it was at that point that I NEEDED to figure things out. I had my first coaching experience and I started taking control of my time. I gained confidence in my motherhood, I organized my house from top to bottom, I lost 50 lbs. of baby weight, and I started creating again, this time with jewelry-making classes, then painting, then singing. During this time, I up-leveled at work and got a full-time position as a professor of literature and writing.

Shortly after, I decided to get certified as a life coach from the top coaching school in the world. And G-d gifted me yet another opportunity to be a mommy again.

Prior to all this, I thought the only option was to be a good mom OR a well-rounded person who follows her dreams. Now, I know how that it doesn't have to be one or the other. It takes inner-work and some strategy. AND it's absolutely possible. 

Stop searching for yourself. Start creating yourself.

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Graduate degree in creative writing,


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My Timeline

where I've been


Started teaching in college


Took a hiatus to cross off the top 2 items on my bucket list: study abroad + swim with dolphins 


Came back to US. Got married + started our family


I became a mommy for the first time!


I became a mommy again + got certified as a coach by Daniel Schonbuch, Author of Think Good and It Will Be Good 


Landmark Education opened my eyes to the power of our thoughts to create reality +
I bought my first home


I got certified by the top life coach school in the world: LCS + became a mommy again


I get to coach mamas all over the world and help them live their best life as a mother and a woman in the world 


You'll learn about the process of "becoming" in motherhood and how to feel like yourself again. Let's make this HAPPEN.

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