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Mama on a mission

Work 1:1 with a coach who 

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to help awaken to yourself as a mom, wife, and woman. Have more time, energy, and simply feel better! Life can be even MORE beautiful and meaningful and FULL.

gets it!

All healing and all achievement comes from knowing yourself on the deepest level. I help you do that.

I should spend more time with my baby.

I shouldn't be putting him in daycare to go back to work.

I should be doing laundry while my baby naps.

I should be paying more attention to my toddler.

I shouldn't be so tired, I have too much to do.

I should spend more time with my hubby.

I should've figured out how to get my baby to sleep through the night by now.

We've created a manual for mommyhood that's impossible to follow and my job is to help you break those mind shackles.

Do you have a manual in your mind of what you "should" and "shouldn't" be doing?

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I'm the proud Mama of little ones ranging in age from 1 to 5 years.💖 When I'm not pushing them on the swings or teaching the 3-year-old how to process his big post-tantrum emotions, you'll find me coaching, painting, in singing practice, dating my husband, reading up on matrescence or historical fiction, and enjoying a walk in nature. 


My mission is to help moms bridge the identity gap from "me" to "we" so that they can take control of their life and feel more like themselves again.

About Coach Bayla

1:1 coaching is right for you if...

You often ask yourself, "who am I?"

You love your family AND you're sick and tired of being sick and tired!

You're tired of doing everything for your kids and still somehow you feel guilty for not being good enough.

You're overwhelmed and exhausted. And everyday it's just a repeat of more of the same.

You want to have a relationship with your husband again.

1:1 coaching is NOT right for you if...

You aren't coachable, willing to work, or up for changing.

You want to work with someone who is more of a hand holder than a coach.

You're not ready to feel all the emotions that come with growth and chasing BIG dreams.

You like playing small.

You're OK with the potential health repercussions of ignoring your inner calling.

- Khris Knoke

"You're going to change so many lives."

*Testimonials from The Create Your Calling Challenge

The results...

When you bring a new baby home, you change and your relationship changes. You will rekindle the love and revive your relationship that is most likely suffering from a lack of TLC.

Revive relationship with hubby

You'll learn how to manage those big emotions, keep the mood swings in check, have more energy, stop being so exhausted all the time, have more mom confidence, and simply feel better! 

feel better + have more confidence

That's right. No more overwhelm. You will have EXTRA hours per week to date your husband, take that art class you've been wanting to take, and love on your baby!

gain 2-4 extra hours per week

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Coaching with Bayla is the best investment I have ever made in myself, and if I was a millionaire I would give this experience to every mother I know!

- Juliana laury

There were pearls of wisdom, things that opened my mind, that were just like a paradigm shift that had a very freeing effect."

- Ora Drexler

*Testimonials from The Create Your Calling Challenge

I'm changing from full-time [at work] to 36 hours to make time for my callings. So, thank you for the great advice!!!!

- Leah Roth

*Testimonials from The Create Your Calling Challenge

You're going to change so many lives!

- Khris Knoke

*Testimonials from The Create Your Calling Challenge

Questions & Answers

What if I've tried so many things already?

All along you've been asking the wrong questions, and I'm going to show you the right questions so you can finally get answers. And I GUARANTEE  this will change your life.

what if I don't even have the time for coaching?

Then that's the best reason why you WANT to get coaching ASAP. Something's got to change. Let's start right now.

What if the only answer is hiring a live in nanny?

That's your brain's way of copping out. You'd be surprised at what kind of magic coaching can do. And it's much less expensive than a live in nanny!

Ready for the next level?

book a free mini-session to get a taste of the magic!

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Ready for the next level?

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